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We address specific psychological and psychiatric difficulties. Here is a selection of the most common complaints that we treat.

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Anxiety disorders

Ourdays, situations or objects may produce severe fears and therefore disturb the affected in their everyday life. These suffering people subconsciously produce additional fears and anxieties by additional false interpretations and ratings of these events, or by repeatedly acknowledging fearful memories. Patients with chronic fear will feel the physical effects of anxiety first, and therefore physical exams are sometimes performed first. Even with multiple assurances from different doctors that nothing would be physically wrong, the disbelief will remain due to lack of knowledge of the effects of anxiety disorders on the body, mind and psyche. Believe it or not, there are many effective and promising treatments and cures.


The core features of depression include a depressed mood, loss of interest, sadness, a diminution of the drive, increased fatiguability and activity limitation. Other common symptoms include decreased concentration and decreased alertness, decreased self-esteem and self-confidence, feelings of guilt and feelings of worthlessness, negative and pessimistic future prospects, suicidal thoughts, insomnia, and reduced or increased appetite. The onset is often insidious and often overlaps with other conditions and other diseases. There are many different severity degrees of depressive states. My strategy is to look at the person in his uniqueness and totality and determine together which is the best current tailored solution in consideration of the overall situation.

Sleep disturbances

Sleep disorders can have different origins. In most cases, there is an emotional discomfort, with defect of the sleep in duration, quality, timing of the onset, or the sleep-wake cycle. Abnormal episodes of sleep patterns exist as well as insomnia due to illness. The dream plays a role for determining the overall psychical health condition of the dreamer. The dreams can be analyzed (Jung), in order to draw practical conclusions that can be applied in everyday life. A disturbed sleep rest always leads over a shorter or longer period to a disease of the individual. It mostly disrupts the relations within the immediate or extended environment, so it is always worth it to fix a sleep disorder as soon as possible.

Interpersonal issues

Every human communicates verbally and non-verbal even when keeping silent. Every time a sentence is said, at least four things will be transmitted: something about a fact, the personal opinion about the relationship with the listener, the emotional state and the expectation one has of the listener. A sensitive listener may be capable to retrieve additional information about our ideals, our degree of honesty and our hidden emotions due to the body language, tone or pitch of the voice and the length of the pauses. Thus, communication problems have more complex solutions than expected. A closer look at these topics is always worthwhile, especially if the so-called communication problems disable and sicken. The beginning of sorting the issues out would be in establishing a congruent speech and transparent expectations.

Assertiveness training

A diminished self-esteem, a reduced ability to prevail in a group or to a superior are the end result of a long period of not living up to one's potential. The reasons therefore may lie in characteristics or personality traits of the person concerned, or in a socialization that doesn't meet the standards of the actual environment anymore. In addition to geographical and social causes, issues like lack of knowledge or incorrect evaluations can subside. It is important to sort out all these issues and prepare the person to develop and maintain an assertiveness programme.

Personality disorders

People with personality disorders are defined by deep-rooted and persistent patterns of behavior that are rigid reactions to various personal and social life demands. These people often show differences in perception, thinking, feeling, and in relationships with others and often suffer because of themselves and because of the environmental reactions. Their attitude in life is often inadequate and often they may have substance abuse to soothe their psychical pain. Personality disorders develop due to severe and persistent adverse life situations or after diseases or brain injury. If a person wants to apply for a psychotherapeutical treatment it is very important that the person should be abstinent for at least 6 months. My aim is to help to find a realistic balance between the expectations of the environment, the expectations of onesself and the potential for the future, while aiming for a realistic pace.

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