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Are you suffering? Are you unhappy? Are you having problems at work, in the family, the workplace, or difficulties at work? Then you are at the right place. We can help you.

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There are situations in life, where the way we deal with things play a crucial importance. People from different backgrounds but with similar knowledge and technical abilities may experience severe communication problems, which will hinder them to get along or work together. In such circumstances it is important to have someone with a professional neutral attitude, who is capable to calibrate the different expectations and different opinions to find a common denominator. In most cases solutions exist. Coaching can also be applied in the personal life. In the case of couples in serious or extremely advanced mis-understanding prior to a divorce situation, a couple psychotherapy following the psychotherapeutical guidelines is advisable.

Career guidance

Each of us has a self-image with distinguishable strengths, weaknesses and capabilities. The self-image is not always congruent with the external description, nor with the core of ones personality. The self-image may be also distorted due to own fears or desires, which are unconsciously incorporated in the self-concept. The failure of successfully choosing or executing a profession lies often in a faulty self-concept, communication problems or tensions with the environment. The aim of vocational guidance is to provide clarity on all these aspects.


Todays fast life rhythm is a major challenge to us all. Each of us has its unique personality and uniques character, with often different attitudes to life and personal values. A different set of assets can be the root of conflicts. These seem sometimes insurmountable, as if different languages would be spoken. The translation of the meaning of the language inevitably includes a translation of the expectations and values and often restores the communication basis. This is important in team-work, which requires the cooperation of many different people with different strengths and different values.

Cognitive theraphy

Cognitive therapy is about the accuracy, the content and the values of the thoughts and of the logical thinking pattern. All thoughts we entertain consciously or not, will produce other thoughts which might be distorted and will always produce feelings. Feelings such as love, hate, hope, sadness, anger or rage, lead to a physiological response, i.e.. a response of the body. The feelings are triggered by specific neurotransmitters or combinations thereof. The person expressing strong emotions will behave in a certain way in that moment, sometimes not being capable to think properly anymore. The aim of this therapy is to be aware of ones own thoughts analyse them, correct them if they are problematic because logical thoughts will only lead to a consistent behaviour and therefore to success.

Neuro linguistic Programming (NLP)

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a psychological process which apply in certain situations and can lead to a rapid and quick relief to some negative feelings. There are technical methods based on knowledge of the networks in the brain. This makes gestures with body positions and with positive feelings are associated, and this association can be learned. Later, these positive emotions can always be fetched from memory to unpleasant situations to make better tackle insufficiency feelings or restore battered confidence.

Behavioural therapy

A behavioural therapy causes relief of suffering. It is used when the behaviour causes pain and issues and it is about learning another, more appropriate behaviour which will be less problematic. The experience of a relieving behaviour makes it possible for the person concerned to reorient. The second step involves the analysis of the reasons which led to the emergency situation. These reasons can be manifold. There may be a faulty assessment of the situation by thoughts that are unadjusted for the situation, or the person may experience too strong emotions, making it impossible to rational action. Each of these reasons may under certain circumstances have their roots in unprocessed events from the past. Clue symbols may activate the unprocessed issues form the past and reactivate an inappropriate behaviour from the past which is not suitable for the present event.Together we decide the depths of the exploration and of the behavioural pattern that needs to be adjusted.

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