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Welcome to my homepage. If you have recently wanted to have someone take a look at your life from a psychological or even psychiatrical point of view, or to help you out with interpersonal difficulties, you are here at the right place. I can help you to enjoy again your life and solve your problems. Try it out.


I would like to take a moment to highly recommend the professional and very valuable services and insights into the mind of Dr.Diana.C at who has assisted and supported me tremendously in my Life.

~ Business practitioner of NLP Paul.W ~

I feel a lot better since we are not on welfare anymore, and since I do not have this pressure any longer. I have contacted you, I have started to work again in a tourist office, and am so delighted! I believe I have never felt so good and have been satisfied with myself and my life for a long time. I would not like to loose the contact with you.

~ Mrs. A.S. ~

My husband would be very happy, if he could contact you again. He does not know to what doctor he should go in your absence from the institution, and is completely beside himself. Thank you for your help.

~ Mrs.T. ~

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